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Richard Higgins has been investigating many modalities related to the broader Human Experience since the late 1970s. By returning to the basics of Numerology and Sacred Geometry, he has developed a system he calls Transpersonal Numerology.  It is based on a person's date of birth; is simpler to learn and apply than any method he has encountered and is remarkably accurate and insightful.  Richard is offering a comprehensive two day workshop to teach this new system.


Day 1: Personality Profiles

Day one of the workshop enables delegates to develop the skill to do an in-depth analysis of anyone's Personality, as well as gain insight in how to bring the outer Personality into alignment with the Soul’s Purpose.  This system is highly valuable as a "know thyself" tool; for helping one to understand one's role in relationships and for identifying career choices.


You will learn the basic Sacred Geometry and Creation Theory behind Numbers; the attributes contained within the vibrations of each Number; the simple calculation of a Transpersonal Numerology Chart; as well as how to do an 

in-depth analysis and interpretation of any person's date of birth.


Day 2: Relationship Profiles

This day of the workshop is designed to give delegates in-depth insight into Personal and Business Relationships.  In this part you will learn how to combine and analyse two or more charts; the rewards and challenges built into any relationship; as well as the Soul and Karmic links between individuals.

Private Sessions

Richard also offers private Transpersonal Numerology sessions for individuals and couples.

Transpersonal Numerology Workshops



Sat 18th & Sun 19th July 2020

Sat 5th & Sun 6th December 2020

Venue:  35 Cowley Road

             Bryanston, JHB

Time:    8.30 for 9am to 5pm

Fees:     R 3 000  (R 1 500 to repeat)

Cape Town


Sat 30th & Sun 31st May 2020

Venue:  25 Harry De Stadler Close 

             Fish Hoek, Cape Town

Time:    8.30 for 9am to 5pm

Fee:      R 2 700  (R 1 350 to repeat)

Transpersonal Numerology Private Sessions

Cape Town

Dates:  Fridays and Saturdays

Times:  9am; 11am; 2pm & 4pm 

Dur:      2 hours

Fee:       R 1100

Venue:  25 Harry De Stadler Close, Fish Hoek, Cape Town



25th April to 5th May 2020 - fully booked

11th to 21st July 2020

29th August to 8th September 2020

28th November to 8th December 2020

Times:   9am; 11am; 2pm & 4pm 

Dur:       2 hours

Fee:        R 1350

Venue:   35 Cowley Road, Bryanston, JHB