It is the Worst of Times! 
It is the Best of Times!

On the 30th May 2020  a beautiful Yin and Yang crop circle appeared in a field in Cley Hill, Wilshire, UK. As I pondered the arrival of this well recognized sacred symbol - and its relative simplicity compared with the many elaborate patterns which we have seen in recent years – the possible significance dawned on me.


Picture courtesy of temporarytemples.co.uk

We are living in a cosmic experiment in duality, and I believe that this may be a sign that the experiment is reaching a dramatic climax. This 3-dimensional reality we are in gives us an opportunity to grow through contrast, through the dynamic tension created by polar opposites. It is here that we come to experience the Dark, so that we can be reminded that we are of the Light.
Many years ago, a friend of ours, who has since passed said that the next World War would be an Armageddon of the Mind. I think she was right, and her words are turning out to be quite prophetic. We are experiencing an unprecedented assault on our minds, maliciously orchestrated by the darkest among us, and promoted by an in-comprehensively corrupt main stream media.


The polarity between Dark and Light is moving to its extreme,
and we are being given the opportunity to choose sides.

Those fostering the dark agenda have emerged from the shadows and played their trump card with the release of their “plandemic”. Never before in living memory has so much underground evil been perpetrated on such a large scale, and so blatantly. Never before have we seen such global fear been created by these dark magicians and the evil spell that they have unleashed on the sovereign beings of this planet.
The “bad actors” are now patently obvious to those who are even remotely awake – and millions are awakening through this fiasco. It is very easy for us to become angry, and even hateful, towards the “dark hats” within the scientific and pharmaceutical industry; those in the medical fraternity who enable illness rather than promote health; psychopathic cops; slave traders and pedophiles in Washington, Hollywood, Wall Street, royalty and lurking in the shadows of every major city of the world.
But I am going to suggest that we should resist doing so at all costs. When we hate those agents of the dark agenda, we lower our own vibrations, and we risk becoming just like them. I have an idea that I would like to outline for you below – I call it The Judas Hypothesis.
Jesus Christ
Whether you believe in the story of Jesus Christ or see it simply as myth, I believe it offers us some of the greatest spiritual teachings ever presented to our species. Through the example of his life, and particularly of his death, Christ seeded a radically new consciousness on the planet. He showed us that we did not need to endlessly die and reincarnate over countless thousands of lifetimes to reach enlightenment and return to our source. We could die to our “old self” and birth a “new self” in this lifetime – which he seeded through the ritual of baptism.
He also showed us that our purpose here is overcome our ancestral pain and lower natures, moving from “service to self” to “service to others”. And, perhaps most importantly, to remind us that we are all sparks of the Divine Flame – uniquely individual in our creation, but equal “in the eyes of God."
The Christed One showed us the path by modelling possibly the greatest Hero’s Journey of all time. He showed us that we needed to confront our shadow side, just as he did when he faced Satan in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights.

First Saturn Return
It occurred to me recently that this could be a parallel with what astrologers call the First Saturn Return. At around the age of 27 to 30, Saturn returns to the position it was in at the time of our birth, and a type of “rebirth” occurs. There can be quite dramatic changes such as a marriage or the birth of a child, as well as more challenging events such as a career change or divorce. It is the Universe giving us a big shake-up, another opportunity to rebirth ourselves – to get rid of what is no longer working in our lives, and make new choices. It is an opportunity to put our old patterns and habits aside, and identify our life’s mission.
Christ is believed to have started his 3-year long ministry at about 30 years old, so he could well have been confronting Satan (Saturn) in this same age window. Like him, we are also invited to forgo the temptations of the third dimension, and begin growing towards the dimension of Unconditional Love.
The Judas Hypothesis
I believe the greatest demonstration by Christ could not have been possible without the help of Judas Iscariot.
In this duality consciousness we live in, there has to be the polar opposite – as sure as there is night and day; or hot and cold. So, for me, it seems possible that Judas is actually a highly evolved Soul who signed up to “hold the dark polarity”, so that the light could shine through Christ. He could have agreed to be vilified, judged and hated for the rest of human time, just so that we could be given the opportunity of achieving enlightenment. Is it possible that that we owe Judas a huge debt of gratitude for “betraying” Jesus?
And now, in this extraordinary time in our history, we are going through a collective crucifixion. We are dying – individually and collectively – to our old selves. And those so-called “evil actors” who have become so much more visible in the last few months, are the Judas’s of our time. They are reflecting back to us our un-integrated shadow sides – as individuals, and as a species.
It is what they signed up for, just as we signed up to hold the other polarity – that of the Light. If we direct hatred, judgement or anger towards them, we remain in third dimension polarity consciousness. We have to include them in our prayers and direct light towards them - that is our role!

But how do we hold up our side of the polarity, when so many in the world are in a place of fear and completely mind-programmed by the media?

I have to use again that well-worn quote attributed to Albert Einstein:


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”


We have to raise our individual vibrations in order to make changes in the collective consciousness. I am aware that this will be old news for most of you, but I have been asked, and it bears repeating.

Drop the MSM
The first step I suggest – although I know many of those reading this have done so for years - is to stop watching the mainstream media’s relentless fear mongering. The mind programming effects of CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Guardian and many others are hugely detrimental to our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Objective and truthful journalism has long been dead in the main stream media. There are plenty of honest and intelligent real journalists on alternative media platforms now, to whom you can listen – and then make up your own mind.
I know many people have been watching a lot of entertainment on Netflix and other subscription services, and I have to admit to having binged myself at times – particularly when it came to “Peaky Blinders.” But I have also noticed how many of these programs are heavily laced with sex and violence, so watching too much of this type of material can’t be good for our overall vibration. I recently renewed my subscription to Gaia TV and am endeavoring to stick with a healthier viewing balance. 
Spiritual Health
A major focus at this time should be on our spiritual health, by developing a regular meditation or prayer program. I know I am preaching to the converted for many of you, but we often slip up here and need to gently keep reminding each other. It used to be mainly for dedicated spiritual seekers, but it has now become essential for all of us. There are so many books, classes and YouTube videos now, that it is really easy to find a technique that works for you. At the moment I am enjoying using the guided meditations of Steve Noble on YouTube.
Emotional Health
The next important focus is our emotional health, and we have to start – or continue – healing our ancestral wounds, childhood pains and personal traumas. There are good therapists around using many different modalities, and most of them are available for on-line work. If you can’t afford sessions at this time, personal journaling remains a time-tested and effective method. One of the great classics, if you need some guidance in getting started, is Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”.
Physical Health
Of course, our physical health is also important, and we have to have a regular exercise regime. With the lock down and no access to gyms, many people have started doing exercise programs at home. They don’t have to be hectic, with yoga and qigong being great options – and again, much is being offered online. The basics of healthy eating, and supplementing with vitamins C and D, as well as Zinc, has been recommended by many doctors as a way of boosting our immune systems at this crucial time.
Mental Health
But probably the most important is our mental attitude. There is a virus that they have created out there, and it is called Fear. Do your best not to buy into it. Don’t look at the distractions they are creating to divert your attention away from the real agenda. Do your own research. Come to your own understanding and truth – even if it goes against the herd mentality.
We all chose to be here at this momentous time, and some of us have been praying for - and working towards it – for decades already.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Just as a single candle lights up the whole of a dark room, so will our lights banish the dark.

Be one of those candles!



Richard Higgins began his exploration of personal growth, esoteric and metaphysical subjects at the age of 21. During the last 44 years he has been exposed a wide spectrum of teachers and belief systems.


In parallel with his career as a film and television producer and director Richard studied the work of many metaphysical teachers, and has interviewed or met among others Neale Donald Walsh; Deepak Chopra; Diane Cooper and David Icke.


He has studied Gregg Braden's work; Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life teachings; and Gary Smith's Sacred Merkaba Techniques.  He learnt Shamanic work from, among others, Michael Owen of the Twisted Hair tradition, and with Incan Shamans from Peru.


Richard met J.Z. Knight and worked with Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment  both in Seattle and in South Africa. 


By blending the basics of Numerology, Creation Theory and Sacred Geometry, Richard has developed his own unique system called Transpersonal Numerology.

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After over three decades in the film and television industry, Richard closed his production company to devote himself full time to his Numerology and to Family Constellations - the work developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.  He facilitates workshops through his Family Healing Circle and also offers training in both modalities.


Richard lives with his artist wife Ronnie Biccard in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa.

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