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Rewriting Our Personal Software

I was recently working with a highly insightful client, who is also very dedicated to her personal growth and the healing of her past wounds. She came up with a wonderful contemporary analogy for our inner work, which applies well to the processes I offer.

A Computer Analogy

My client had been busy creating her own website and observed that whenever there was a function that wasn’t performing correctly, her developer would go into a certain part of the code and simply rewrite that section.


It occurred to her that this is precisely what we had been doing during the processes we’d done together over the previous months. She would identify an internal trigger from something that had happened in her daily life; we would go into her internal programming; and would elegantly rewrite that “piece of code”. (We’ll, maybe not always elegantly – there were often a lot of tears, and cathartic releasing).

Our “internal data” can be corrupted by traumatic experiences we have had early on in our lives or – as we discover all the time in the transgenerational work of Family Constellations – from the traumas experienced by the family members who came before us. These corrupted parts then lead to the same patterns playing out in our everyday lives, because they are “embedded” in our code.

We also carry incorrectly inserted information in the form of “beliefs” that we pick up about ourselves along the way, or by the “mistruths” others have told us about ourselves:

“You are stupid!”

“You’ll never amount to anything in life!”

“You’ll never find anyone who wants to marry you!”

These deeply entrenched beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies because the internal program just keeps running them.

The Good News!

The good news is that we now have many ways in which we can rewrite those damaged sections of our “inner coding”, as well as rewrite the incorrect beliefs that have dogged our journey.

By using the Language of the Subconscious in a magical blending of Family Systems Theory, Inner Parts Work and Internal Family Systems, we are able to eliminate those glitches in our lives – usually triggered by, or brought to our attention by, those outside of ourselves. And most usually it is those who are closest to us that tend to be the recipients of our software “misfires”.

But the starting point is to first of all know what our personal programming is.

This is where Transpersonal Numerology offers a unique opportunity. By analyzing your date of birth, you can become clear on what your personal software contains, all the features and functions – and equally helpfully – what it doesn’t contain. By maximizing your inherent functions, you then start to feel more complete, and have less of a need to seek validation or distractions from outside of yourself.

Word versus Excel

On the early part of my personal growth journey, the only books that were readily available were those that presented the traits of famously successful people in different arenas. The offering was, that if you emulate what these people did, you too would become successful. And as Transpersonal Numerology has taught me, this is not always possible.




Because there are 729 different archetypes of personality in this system, and they can be as different as Microsoft Word is to Microsoft Excel. Imagine asking someone who is programmed like “Excel” to write you a movie script, or asking someone who is programmed like “Word” to draw up a comparative costing analysis spreadsheet for you. They simply can’t do it! They are not programmed to do it!

And it is the same for each of us - we can only use the functions that we have available in our personal “software”. Of course, HOW we use that software can vary greatly, and that is where our freewill comes in. But the genesis is to understand our software and all its intricacies intimately, so that we can maximize our life experience. And, in tandem, become aware of how differently others are programmed, and how they quite literally see the world through different eyes.


Transpersonal Numerology helps us to do exactly that!

And as we become more familiar with our personal programming, we can start to identify the “code errors” and the “incorrectly insert data”, and begin rewriting them using the powerful Family Constellations model.



Richard Higgins began his exploration of personal growth, esoteric and metaphysical subjects at the age of 21. During the last 45 years he has been exposed a wide spectrum of teachers and belief systems.


In parallel with his career as a film and television producer and director Richard studied the work of many metaphysical teachers, and has interviewed or met among others Neale Donald Walsh; Deepak Chopra; Diane Cooper and David Icke.


He has studied Gregg Braden's work; Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life teachings; and Gary Smith's Sacred Merkaba Techniques.  He learnt Shamanic work from, among others, Michael Owen of the Twisted Hair tradition, and with Incan Shamans from Peru.


Richard met J.Z. Knight and worked with Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment  both in Seattle and in South Africa. 


By blending the basics of Numerology, Creation Theory and Sacred Geometry, Richard has developed his own unique system called Transpersonal Numerology.

Birthday Mug shot_edited.jpg

After over three decades in the film and television industry, Richard closed his production company to devote himself full time to his Numerology and to Family Constellations - the work developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.  He facilitates workshops through his Family Healing Circle and also offers training in both modalities.


Richard lives with his artist wife Ronnie Biccard in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa.

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